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Self portrait in Studio April 2015



I am a Stratford, ON based, professional photographer.  I specialize in capturing the essence of all that I shoot.  Whether its a CEO or the $2 widget they sell.  Everything in front of my lens gets the same attention to detail.
I have been shooting professionally for more than 30 years and have learned that getting "The Shot" entails working together.  I will work with you, you know your business, to produce sharp, compelling images that tell your story to clients and potential clients.
As a commercial photographer I have worked in offices, warehouses, on the shop floor, 20 feet down in a ditch and 40 feet up in a skyjack.  I do what it takes to get the right angle, the right light, the right shot for you and your company.
All of my professional grade equipment, which includes powerful flash lighting and light modifiers, can travel with me anywhere in Ontario or Canada.
Really look forward to connecting with you.
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Your Image is My Focus

Chris Berg